Get Last Date/Version for Vocabulary


Gets the timestamp of the last DKP update to a vocabulary, along with the vocabulary's version number. The timestamp allows you to determine if the vocabulary has changed since your last bulk load of the vocabulary.



NOTE: vocName is the vocabulary identifier in the describes resource URI for the vocabulary (for example, SciValFunders).

Input Parameters

There are no input parameters.


The following information about the vocabulary is returned:

  • The timestamp for the last update.
  • The version of the last update.
  • The number of concepts in the vocabulary
  • The history for all previous updates (in the vocabularyUploadDetails property, including the transaction ID, timestamp, and version number of each update.

If no matches are found, an empty response is returned.

Example Query

The following call retrieves the timestamp for the last update to the SciValFunders vocabulary:

This query returns the following result:





"vocabularyUploadDetails": [{

"transactionId": "d197382e-503c-475d-b98a-68899391cfb6",

"uploadedDate": "2012-04-20T17:44:17+0000",

"version": "0.8"



Error Return Codes

If an error occurs, the following standard HTTP error response codes are returned:

  • 500: A server-side error unrelated to the client query (for example, the server is down, or the code contains a null pointer).
  • 4xx: A client-side error; specifically for this API, one of the following:
    • 400: There is a syntax error in the query (for example, the query is missing a required parameter or includes an invalid argument).
    • 404: No content exists (for example, there is no match for the concept URI).
    • 405: The call is using an HTTP method that is not supported for this API

Along with the error, a text message that briefly explains the problem is returned.

The following error message can also be returned by this API:

  • Authentication Error Occurred. Authentication Failure. An invalid vocabulary identifier was provided.

If a valid query returns 0 results, an empty result set is returned.

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