Get Entire Vocabulary


Retrieves a Zip file that contains the RDF for an entire vocabulary.



NOTE: vocName is the vocabulary identifier in the describes resource URI for the vocabulary (for example, SciValFunders).

Input Parameters

There are no input parameters.


This call returns a Zip file that contains all of the concepts in the vocabulary. The RDF file inside the Zip file will be at the root level.

The vocabulary Zip file is named:

{name of vocabulary}.zip

For example,

Example Query

The following call retrieves the RDF for the entire SciValFunders vocabulary:

Error Return Codes

If an error occurs, the following standard HTTP error response codes are returned:

  • 500: A server-side error unrelated to the client query (for example, the server is down, or the code contains a null pointer).
  • 4xx: A client-side error; specifically for this API, one of the following:
    • 400: There is a syntax error in the query (for example, the query is missing a required parameter or includes an invalid argument).
    • 404: No content exists (for example, there is no match for the concept URI).
    • 405: The call is using an HTTP method that is not supported for this API.

Along with the error, a text message that briefly explains the problem is returned.

The following error message can also be returned by this API:

  • Authentication Error Occurred. Authentication Failure. An invalid vocabulary identifier was provided.

If a valid query returns 0 results, an empty result set is returned.

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